T.Y. Lin International Wins Two 2014 Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards from Singapore’s Building Construction Authority

T.Y. Lin International Wins Two 2014 Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards from Singapore’s Building Construction Authority


T.Y. Lin International Group (TYLI), a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announces that its Singapore office, T.Y. Lin International Pte. Ltd., has received the Building Construction Authority’s (BCA) 2014 Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Award for The Interlace condominium complex project (residential category). TYLI was also awarded BCA’s Engineering Safety Excellence Merit Award for the National University Hospital (NUH) Medical Centre project (institutional & industrial category). Serena Yap, Qualified Person (QP) and Project Manager (PM) for The Interlace project, and Ng Swee Tong, QP and PM for the NUH Medical Centre project, accepted the awards at the BCA 15th Anniversary Gala on May 22, 2014.

“We are honored to have received two 2014 Safety Excellence Awards from the Building Construction Authority this year. While quite different, both projects were structurally complex and challenging, and demanded extensive civil and structural engineering skill and expertise,” said Teh Hee Seang, T.Y. Lin International Pte. Ltd. Chairman. “The Interlace provided us with the exciting opportunity to merge our expertise in the design of both bridges and buildings in order to develop the optimum solution. For the National University Hospital Medical Centre, we were able to showcase our vast experience and capabilities in delivering robust healthcare structures built in highly sensitive locations.”

This marks the second year in a row that TYLI has won such awards from BCA. In 2013, the firm received BCA’s Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards for the National University of Singapore Link Bridge and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. The annual BCA Design and Engineering Safety Excellence Awards competition, now in its seventh year, is considered one of the most prestigious in Singapore’s engineering industry. The goal of the awards program is to foster a strong culture of safety among building professionals by recognizing the efforts of QPs in overcoming challenges to ensure safety and excellence on design and engineering projects.

About the Projects:

The Interlace
The Interlace, located at the intersection of Alexandra Road and Depot Road in Singapore, was completed in November 2013. With its unique design and sophisticated architecture, it is considered a modern mega structure marvel that defies the typical design of vertical towers for residential developments. Designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, The Interlace embraces the “vertical village” concept, with structures stacked in a hexagonal formation, which facilitating light and air flow through the architecture.

TYLI collaborated with the contractor on the design-build project in order to develop the winning concept, drawing inspiration from TYLI’s long expertise in pre-stressing and bridge engineering design. As a result, TYLI was able to optimize the design of the long span transfer structure in order to maximize space utilization and cost and time savings; manage the potential multi-directional stresses and deformation associated with the unique interlocking arrangement; and devise a suitable construction methodology, which allowed for redundancy in the design of the long span transfer structure for construction safety purposes.

Delivered two months ahead of schedule, The Interlace consists of 31 residential blocks with a total of 1,040 residential units and a gross floor area (GFA) of 1,825,555 square feet. Each residential block stands 6-stories tall and is identical in size.

NUH Medical Centre
Completed in 2013, the NUH Medical Centre is part of redevelopment plans for the National University Health System campus. The project was delivered within an ambitious, 28-month program, overcoming and managing a number of significant challenges associated with the site. As Structural Designer, and drawing on the firm’s expertise with healthcare structures and complex building design, the TYLI team worked closely with the NUH Medical Centre team and contractors in order to develop the site directly over the operating Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station and tunnels and adjacent to an existing hospital, with minimum impact and inconvenience to the MRT or the hospital. Challenges faced by TYLI included developing a site that featured both undulating terrain (ranging from about 416 feet to 466 feet) and a varying geological profile, with the rock formation ranging from fully weathered to highly weathered rock. TYLI also had to develop the optimum structural system in order to support the operation of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility that houses highly-sensitive medical equipment.

Located directly above Kent Ridge MRT station on Singapore’s Circle Line, the new NUH Medical Centre has a gross floor area of 775,000 square feet and accommodates six linear accelerator bunkers, operating theaters, a diagnostic imaging facility, four floors of medical suites, the National University Cancer Institute of Singapore, and four decks of integrated parking.

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