Rodovia dos Calçados Due Diligence

Rodovia dos Calçados Due Diligence

São Paulo
Rodovia dos Calçados Due Diligence Brazil

TYLin provided an independent audit for the new Rodovia dos Calçados highway in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The independent audit was performed for the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) for the new concession of the “Rodovia dos Calçados” highway. BNDES is the largest Brazilian public bank, which works as a funding body of large investments in public works strategically investing for the country. 

ARTERIS is the largest highway concessionaire (by number of kilometers) in Brazil. This new concession included over 750 km in the State of São Paulo. The concession of the “Rodovia dos Calçados” highway, renamed “Vía Paulista” by ARTERIS, was awarded by the ARTESP (Regulatory Agency for Transport Public Services of the State of São Paulo) in May 2017. It included the construction of more than 250 km of divided roadway, as well as new lanes, interchanges, bridges, and viaducts, etc. The concession comprises the operation and maintenance for 30 years.

Project Highlights:

  • The tasks developed by TYLin included the verification and congruity of the investment and business plan committed by the concessionaire.
  • The audit included the CAPEX analysis planned for the gross value of the new civil works, as well as for the infrastructure maintenance during the concession lifetime.
  • It also comprised the approval of all traffic studies and demand analysis, which have held the economic and financial analysis of the concessionaire, as well as the validation of all operational costs (OPEX) planned for the concessionaire.
  • The audit covered the verification of the compliance of the environmental legislation during the concession lifetime.