TYLin, Sam Schwartz Address Global Urbanization With ‘City Solutions’ Advisory Service

TYLin, Sam Schwartz Address Global Urbanization With ‘City Solutions’ Advisory Service

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TYLin, a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announces ‘City Solutions’ advisory services. This service is led by Sam Schwartz, A TYLin Company, to address the world’s growing need for smart, connected cities that enhance human life and support our relationship to the natural world.

Combining the creative ingenuity of Sam Schwartz with the global reach and expertise of TYLin, the formalized ‘City Solutions’ advisory service effectively broadens the combined firms’ capabilities and positions them to better serve their growing roster of clients around the world.

With urbanization on the rise globally, ‘City Solutions’ will address the most pressing needs for a growing, diverse population to thrive and positively impact a planet currently in crisis.

“It’s truly an exciting time to be in infrastructure and be part of this global alliance where a collaborative advisory like ‘City Solutions’ can take shape,” said Matt Cummings, president, and CEO of TYLin. “Sam Schwartz is at the forefront of urban planning and mobility in North America; we are strengthened by their visionary approach to urban placemaking.”

“The complexities of our changing world demand big ideas and big action,” said Michael A. Shamma, president of Sam Schwartz. “When insights gained from one city inform the solutions for another across the globe, in a way that makes it safer, more equitable, and more sustainable, that’s the kind of problem solving our world needs. That’s the power of this alliance and this advisory service.”

'City Solutions' is a whole-systems, end-to-end approach to creating and adapting urban environments for the future. From research, insights, and visioning to planning, design, and implementation, all the way to operational excellence, the ‘City Solutions’ advisory service is a cyclical process where each component informs the other — and will ultimately make the world’s metropolises smarter, more resilient, more equitable, and more attractive to people and investment.

About Sam Schwartz
Since 1995, Sam Schwartz has been known as the transportation engineering, planning, and consulting firm that solves the industry’s most challenging problems by combining technical expertise with creative approaches. Headquartered in New York, the firm has teams of professional across disciplines including transportation and environmental planning; transit; civil engineering; and community engagement. For more information, visit

About TYLin

Founded in 1954, TYLin is a globally recognized, full-service infrastructure consulting firm committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, constructible designs for the global infrastructure market. With 3,200 employees working in 65 offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the firm provides support on projects of varying size and complexity. TYLin is part of Dar Group, one of the world’s leading architecture, engineering, project management and energy consultancy groups.

About Dar group

Dar Group is a leading, privately-owned professional services group with award-winning impact and global reach. As an engineering, architectural, and planning consultancy that values specialty expertise, the Group is united by a commitment to providing clients with multi-disciplinary solutions rooted in quality, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and technology to deliver social and community impact. To learn more, please visit