Sundaram Solai

solai sundaram
Sundaram Solai, PE
VP, Water Sector Manager, New York Area

Solai has specialized in bringing clients time-tested design solutions in major wastewater infrastructure improvements.

He has led several upgrade projects, including various assignments at the Newtown Creek Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility and at Bowery Bay Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in New York. Solai also led the design of Nassau County’s Bay Park Conveyance project. He is focused on incorporating safety and risk mitigation through design and understands the importance of performing site evaluation of existing conditions at the start of design to minimize changes during construction. With an in-depth familiarity and understanding of the objectives, constraints, and regulatory issues regarding the upgrade and expansion of water treatment facilities, he has direct experience in satisfying the many required regulatory compliance procedures and their respective agencies. Solai has experience in the planning, design, construction, and commissioning of large existing wastewater facilities. He has been involved with the design of sludge processing facilities that included sludge screening, thickening, and digestion in eight three-million-gallon, egg-shaped digesters. 

Professional Affiliations  
  • Water Environment Federation 
  • American Water Works Association 
  • New York Water Environment Association 
  • New Jersey Water Environment Association 
  • New York Municipal Engineers 
  • New York American Water Works Association 
Areas of Expertise  
  • Wastewater treatment and conveyance 
  • Biosolids and solids handling 
  • Anaerobic digestion 
  • Leading complex, multi-disciplinary wastewater design projects