T.Y. Lin International Takes Part in Breakthrough Offshore Wind Technology

T.Y. Lin International Takes Part in Breakthrough Offshore Wind Technology

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T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) is honored to be a part of the innovative Maine Aqua Ventus 1 team - a collaborative leadership team that is responsible for an 8-MW floating offshore wind pilot project in the Gulf of Maine. Maine Aqua Ventus 1 (MAV 1) represents the next milestone in the United States’ goal to harness clean, quiet, renewable wind energy in deep ocean waters.

The breakthrough floating platform technology was conceptualized by the University of Maine. After testing a 1:100 scale model, a 1:8 scale model was designed, built, and successfully deployed off the coast of Maine in 2013. The VolturnUS 1:8 scale prototype is a fully-functional offshore wind turbine, and has the distinction of being the first offshore wind turbine to be connected to the power grid in the United States.

The University of Maine approached TYLI to assist in the development of their full-scale design based on their appreciation of the firm’s expertise in concrete applications. MAV 1 was selected as one of the top offshore wind projects in the country by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Now a finalist for the next phase of grant funding, the MAV 1 team is competing against five other offshore wind projects for the opportunity to receive $46 million in DOE funding for an offshore wind pilot project. The other competing projects are located in New Jersey, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, and Oregon. Only the three best projects will be selected in mid-May 2014 to continue their work.

A proposed 8-MW floating offshore wind pilot project will be MAV 1’s next step toward the ultimate goal of building a larger offshore wind farm (100-500-MW) off the coast of Maine, a project that would offer substantial long-term economic benefits to the state.

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