California Incline Bridge Replacement

California Incline Bridge Replacement

Santa Monica, California
United States
CA Incline Bridge

TYLin provided bridge design services for the California Incline Bridge Replacement project in Santa Monica, California.

Replacing a series of sidehill viaducts built in 1930, the new California Incline Bridge cuts through the steep shoreline slopes of Pacific Palisades Park and connects the intersection of Ocean and California Avenues atop the bluffs to Pacific Coast Highway at the base. 

TYLin designed the replacement bridge to accommodate the corrosive marine environment and high seismic demands, including up to 20 feet of potential bluff erosion that could occur over its 75-year life span. The bridge consists of a 750-foot-long cast-in-place, post-tensioned slab structure, with a total width of 52 feet to carry both vehicular traffic and a bicycle-pedestrian path.

Other services included overseeing traffic and electrical engineering, geotechnical engineering, hazardous material testing, and surveying.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin conducted a detailed type selection process to determine the best replacement alternative.
  • Bridge spans and deep concrete piles were specifically located to minimize damage and erosion to the coastal bluffs.
  • A 12-inch watermain was replaced in the roadway and under the bridge, with bridge piles adjusted for it.
  • TYLin designed a temporary “high line” to maintain water service for residents during construction.
  • Aesthetic elements include the decorative bridge railing, overhang, and corbels. 
  • LED lighting was placed along the barrier-separated bicycle/pedestrian path.
  • The historic "Santa Monica" sign was refurbished and mounted on a TYLin-designed monument.

Image Credit: Tom Paiva Photography


National Honor Award, 2018
American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)
Honor Award, 2018
American Council of Engineering Companies of California (ACEC-CA)
Outstanding Road and Highway Project of the Year, 2017
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Metropolitan Los Angeles Branch
BEST Transportation Award, 2016
American Public Works Association (APWA), Southern California Chapter