Buildings Sectors

Buildings Sectors

Domino Park

In today’s complex world, business strategies dictate how facilities are planned, designed, built, and operated. Issues such as climate change, carbon footprints, energy efficiency, and the ability to withstand severe weather and environmental events present new requirements for commercial facilities of all types.

The Heights APS Wilson School
Cornell University McGraw Hall

Adapting to the ever-evolving demands on academic facilities requires agility, expertise, vision, and creativity. TYLin’s thought leaders design and build facilities for primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities by leveraging global best practices to deliver buildings that stand the test of time.

Hunters Point Community Library
niagara falls state park

The highly specialized and demanding requirements for local, state, and federal facilities require a team with proven expertise. With decades of global experience, TYLin's experts understand the challenges of government building projects including administrative offices and capitol buildings as well as museums and libraries. 

MSK Main Campus
Lenox Health Greenwich Village
Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Whether building a new hospital or renovating an existing one, our staff brings real-world experience to help you navigate the ever-changing complexities and requirements of healthcare structures in urban environments.

Facebook Data Centre
Singapore Institute of Technology
Singapore Nuclear Research & Safety
Science + Technology

Addressing the exacting requirements of science and technology facilities, including “clean” or temperature-controlled environments — along with the seamless integration of essential technologies — is at the heart of what TYLin does.