TYLin Adds Lightweight Structure Expertise to Buildings Sector

TYLin Adds Lightweight Structure Expertise to Buildings Sector

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Image Credit: ASU SkySong – Tim Winquist

TYLin is very proud to announce the creation of the Lightweight Structures Group, under the leadership and guidance of Nic Goldsmith, supporting the growth of Silman, A TYLin Company, and our Buildings Sector from our New York City office. The new group expands the suite of services we can provide the architectural community and brings the practice into mainstream use.

“We are increasingly seeing the integration of lightweight structures into the architectural mainstream,” says Nat Oppenheimer, TYLin’s Buildings Sector Leader. “They are infinitely flexible and can be incorporated into our structural design and infrastructure projects as well. Lightweight elements are moving the architectural discussion from mass to membrane.”

Nic and his team (Ashish Soni, Erik Smith, and Matt Hilyard) join us from FTL Design Engineering Studio, a firm with 45 years of engineering and design consulting experience for innovative buildings and special structures, exploring the application and efficient use of lightweight materials that minimize their environmental impact.

Empire City Casino Porte Cochere – Paul Warchol
Image Credit: Empire City Casino Porte Cochere – Paul Warchol

They have worked on innumerable music pavilions, including the National Symphony, Metropolitan Opera, and Sun Valley Symphony, as stand-alone buildings. They evolved these technologies to be incorporated into building facades, such as Burton Barr Library in Phoenix, AZ; infrastructure projects, such as ASU SkySong in Scottsdale, AZ; and adaptive reuse projects, like the recently completed Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport, CT.