Andrew Griezic

Andrew Griezic
Principal Bridge Engineer

Andrew has extensive experience in engineering design, project management, engineering team leadership, and asset management of bridges around the world including cable-stayed, suspension and arch bridges.

Andrew has 26 years of experience with bridge inspection, condition assessment, rehabilitation design, detailed design, construction engineering, heavy lifting, design check, construction engineering analysis, as well as modelling and design of erection schemes and temporary works for cable-stayed bridges. 

As Project Manager and Engineer of Record, Andrew has demonstrated successful leadership of large and diverse teams while managing technically challenging and complex projects, including cable-supported bridges. Some of his more notable accomplishments include leading the design and construction of the North Arm Bridge on the Canada Line over the Fraser River, the first extradosed transit bridge in North America, as well as the design of the Walterdale Arch Bridge in Edmonton as Engineer of Record and Project Manager. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Bridge

Publications and presentations:

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