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CLT Jet Fuel and Avgas Facility Expansion / Renovation

Charlotte, North Carolina

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Aircraft Ground Support Systems

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The firm designed the expansion and renovation of the joint use Wilson Air / Bank of America fuel storage and dispensing facility at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport. Five new 20,000 gallon steel and two new 12,000 gallon steel Jet-A tanks were installed. One new 20,000 steel Avgas tank was also designed and installed.

Project Highlights:

  • Refurbish Tanks
  • New Jet Tanks
  • New Avgas Tank
  • Two Fuel Cabinets
  • Load / Unloading Stations

The work scope included refurbishment of two existing 12,000 gallon steel tanks, two new remote fueling cabinets were also designed to allow fueling aircraft directly on the parking apron. An Avgas and Jet load / unloading station was also constructed.