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Scalable, sustainable academic facilities that prepare students for success.

Adapting to the ever-evolving demands on academic facilities requires agility, expertise, vision, and creativity. TYLin’s thought leaders design and build facilities for primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities by leveraging global best practices to deliver buildings that stand the test of time. 

We understand the changes faced by educational institutions. Energy efficiency. Scalability. Incorporating current technologies and designing frameworks to accommodate future advances. Meeting the needs of changing demographics. 

Our experts help you anticipate and address these issues, working collaboratively to enable students to learn, grow, and become tomorrow’s leaders. 

Education Leadership

Nat Oppenheimer
Nat Oppenheimer, PE
Buildings Sector Leader, Americas
Miguel Ortega
Miguel Ortega


Our global resources and turnkey services are firmly grounded in our global experience in delivering innovative, cost-effective academic facilities that prepare students for success. 

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