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Pearl River Tower

Guangzhou, China

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Program Management, Structural Engineering


Asia Pacific

At 71 stories and 308 meters high, the new “super green” Pearl River Tower in the city of Guangzhou is an international icon of eco-friendly construction.

Located in the new Central Business District (CBD) and part of Guangzhou’s ambitious CBD development plan, the building design called for energy self-sufficiency and integration into the new high-rise skyline of the City.

This mixed use office project includes a number of new, energy-efficient and high technology systems, affording the structure an A+ energy efficiency rating. Pearl Tower is recognized as the greenest tower in China, and possibly the world.

Project Highlights:

  • The Pearl River Tower incorporates four 7-meter 6kW/hour wind turbines; 1,600 square meters of solar panels; chilled radiant air conditioning technology; heat recycling; low energy lighting; intelligent building management systems; and the world’s fastest elevators at 15 meters per second.
  • Annual carbon dioxide emissions from the Pearl River Tower are expected to be 30.4% lower than levels found in traditional buildings.

Services Provided:

With specialists in the areas of structural engineering, mechanical and electrical, architecture, planning, control, intelligent systems, design aesthetics and contract management, TYLI China’s Project Management team has been appointed to ensure that this complex construction meets all quality, safety, progress and cost criteria.