Brad Huff

Brad Huff
Brad Huff, AICP
Lead Planner

Brad is an advocate for complete streets, ensuring projects balance political realities, technical constraints, and funding requirements with the needs of people walking, biking, and taking transit.

Brad is an experienced project manager and transportation planner, specializing in the planning, design, and implementation of complete streets infrastructure projects. He leads a team of planners and engineers responsible for all aspects of project development, including planning, outreach, funding, design, construction coordination, and evaluation.

As consultant program manager to the Chicago Department of Transportation, Brad has helped the city achieve the largest expansion of its bikeway network to date, installing nearly 75 miles of bikeways in 2020 and 2021. Brad is an excellent problem solver and communicator, skilled at transforming complex information into easy-to-understand concepts and explaining proposed projects to a non-technical audience, a skill honed through constant engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including municipal and agency staff, politicians, business owners, and the public.

Professional affiliations:

  • American Institute of Certified Planners
  • American Planning Association, Illinois Chapter

Areas of expertise:

  • Complete streets