Miguel Ortega

Miguel Ortega
Miguel Ortega
Managing Director, TYLin Europe LATAM

Miguel Ortega serves as Managing Director of Spain, and Sector Leader of Bridges and Buildings for TYLin Europe LATAM.

Miguel oversees the Spanish operations, developing new projects and business units, as well as managing clients and work teams. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of TYLin | Europe + LATAM.

Miguel is an M. Sc. Civil Engineer, having graduated from the Technical University of Madrid (ETSICC y PUPM) in 1997. Currently serving as an Associate Professor of Steel and Composite Bridges and Structures at the same institution, Miguel's expertise extends beyond academia into pivotal roles within national and international standards development.

His contributions to the Eurocode Project Teams, particularly in EN 1994-1-1, EN 1994-2, EN 1990-A2, and EN 1991-1-5, underline his commitment to advancing structural engineering standards. Additionally, Miguel's leadership as President of the Spanish Mirror Subcommittee CEN/TC250/SC-4 of Composite Structures underscores his influence in shaping the industry's regulatory landscape.

As President of the Spanish Association of Structural Engineering (ACHE), Miguel has demonstrated his dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation within the structural engineering community.

Miguel's scholarly contributions are equally impressive, with 4 authored books, 24 articles in national and international technical publications, and 53 articles in scientific-technical conference proceedings. His extensive involvement in symposiums and conferences, with over 63 technical submissions, highlights his active engagement in knowledge dissemination and professional development.

Moreover, Miguel's professional portfolio boasts the drafting of over 100 road and high-speed railway bridges, alongside 5 notable buildings spanning a cumulative area exceeding 200,000 m2. His expertise and leadership position him as a prominent figure in the field of civil engineering, shaping the present and future of structural design and infrastructure development.