TYLin and GPO Group Strategically Align

TYLin and GPO Group Strategically Align

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Unifying GPO Group under the TYLin name will deliver more effective access to global resources and enhanced collaboration to support clients in the mobility market.

The GPO Group and Sam Schwartz, one of its operating companies, as part of a global effort to enhance connections and collaboration among companies in the Dar Group’s Global Infrastructure (GI) Pillar, are formally aligning with TYLin, the leading brand in the GI Pillar.

The GPO Group and Sam Schwartz have added a TYLin “unifier” line to their names. Effective immediately, GPO will be known as GPO, A TYLin Company. Similarly, Sam Schwartz will be known as Sam Schwartz, A TYLin Company.


The addition of the unifier line is part of a global strategic initiative to unify the companies in the Dar Group GI Pillar under the TYLin brand to provide more efficient access to its vast global resources and promote better collaboration among its staff. Aligning the two companies with TYLin — particularly in the rail and transit segments — means that GPO and Sam Schwartz, transportation and mobility leaders in Europe and the Americas, respectively, will expand their ability to deliver innovative thinking and practical implementation across all aspects of physical and digital mobility networks.

“By strategically aligning TYLin, GPO and Sam Schwartz we will strengthen our ability to provide innovative solutions based on real-world insights from around the globe,” said Matthew Cummings, President, and Chief Executive Officer, TYLin. “This alignment will ultimately help us achieve our shared goal of developing smarter cities and connecting communities.”

“Aligning with the TYLin brand complements and expands our presence and technical expertise in Europe and in the Americas and will allow us to connect our people, places and ideas more efficiently to meet our clients’ evolving needs around the world,” said Xavier Montobbio, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the GPO Group. “This effort to enhance collaboration and connections is embodied in the addition of the ‘unifier’ line to the GPO and Sam Schwartz company names.”

Earlier this year, TYLin launched a brand strategy to unify its global operations. The unified brand connects clients more effectively with TYLin’s multi-discipline global engineering resources to solve infrastructure challenges with innovative solutions at the regional and local levels in the Aviation; Bridge; Buildings; Ports + Marine; Rail + Transit; Roads + Highways; and Water sectors.

About Dar Group

Dar Group is a privately owned international network of professional services firms with over 17,670 employees in 297 offices across over 100 countries. Dar Group is dedicated to the planning, design, engineering and project management of facilities, installations and structures that elevate the sustainable advancement of communities worldwide. For more information, visit

About TYLin

Founded in 1954, TYLin is a globally recognized, full-service infrastructure consulting firm committed to providing innovative, cost-effective, constructible designs for the global infrastructure market. With 3,200 employees working in 65 offices throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, the firm provides support on projects of varying size and complexity. TYLin is a member of Dar Group, a global, privately-owned professional services group, and its industry-leading family of Global Infrastructure companies. For more information about the company, please visit

About GPO Group

Founded in 1985, GPO Group is a global group specialized in mobility, railway consulting & engineering that renders planning, design, construction, and operational services in the mobility & transportation industries. GPO Group established a strategic partnership with Dar Group in 2017, which connected us with an international first-rate professional network. Sam Schwartz has been part of GPO Group since 2015. For more information visit 

About Sam Schwartz

Since 1995, Sam Schwartz has been known as the transportation engineering, planning, and consulting firm that solves the industry’s most challenging problems by combining technical expertise with creative approaches. Headquartered in New York, the firm has teams of professional across disciplines including transportation and environmental planning; transit; civil engineering; and community engagement. For more information, visit