Rochester, New York
United States

TYLin provided mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering to establish the FlourGarden, a 300-foot-long sustainable, native-planted garden, water, and fountain works in downtown Rochester, New York.

The project was the first phase of the larger GardenAerial project, which will deliver a sustainable greenway revolving around the city’s High Falls Gorge. 

The FlourGarden reinvents a deserted interpretive raceway to highlight the historical significance of 19th-century mill races. The ecological gardenscape pays tribute to the geography and history of High Falls by dividing the raceway into the six key sections of the area: the Gorge, Lower Race, Middle Race, the Promontory, Millstone Falls, and the Falls. Within each area, a textured garden of trees, shrubs, flowering plants, and ground cover has been created.  

Project Highlights:  

  • The FlourGarden showcases a variety of lighting options, including glass bead joints with the raceway component and a fiber optic reed sculpture known as “The Rushes.” 
  • A truly interactive space, the seven fountains and waterworks of the FlourGarden are completely programmable and “react” to the movements and presence of visitors.