Kim Chuan Depot

Kim Chuan Depot

kim chuan depot

TYLin was selected as the Lead Consultant by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to provide civil and structural engineering services for the Kim Chuan Depot.

Located 20 metres below ground at track level, the Kim Chuan Depot is the first underground train depot in the world. It is also one of the largest depot facilities ever constructed, measuring one kilometre long in the east-west direction, 150 metres wide at mid-point, and comprising an area of more than 100,000 square metres.

The Kim Chuan Depot significantly increases user convenience and has a stabling capacity of 70 trains. It accommodates stabling and maintenance facilities for Singapore’s mass transit system, including the Circle Line (CCL) and Eastern Region Line (ERL). Both lines operate using an automated, driverless train system.

The depot is accessed by a branch line of trackworks, some of which are a kilometre long. The lines controlled directly from the Depot Control Center to as far as the depot boundaries.

TYLin led, planned, and managed all Architectural and Engineering Consultancy Services to produce a complete depot design. The detailed layout included all workshops, rooms, and other facilities and all aspects of train system operation and maintenance.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin’s value engineering changed the original two-level plan to a single-level stabling facility, adjusted layouts for all workshops, rooms, and other facilities, and realigned all trackworks.
  • Net savings from TYLin’s value engineering included reducing both built-up areas and volume in terms of construction, engineering, and maintenance operating costs.
  • The adoption of the air well concept allowed ingress of fresh air for stabling areas and simplified the fire engineering approach for an underground depot.


Best Design Infrastructure - Project Partner, 2010
Land Transport Authority (LTA)