MIA New North Side Runway

MIA New North Side Runway

Miami, Florida
United States
MIA New North Side Runway

TYLin provided overall project management, airfield civil engineering design, and airfield electrical design engineering services for the construction of a new 8,600-foot-long air carrier runway.

The project included all associated taxiways and circulation roadways on the north side of Miami International Airport (MIA) in Miami, Florida

The North Side Runway project was carefully phased to ensure unobstructed access for tenants and adequate remote aircraft parking to the accommodate the operational needs of the airport. 

Airfield electrical engineering services involved parallel taxiways K & L and taxiway connectors between the existing Runway 9L-27R and the new Runway 8L-26R. Scope of work included renovating the airfield lighting vault and computerized control system.  

TYLin designed the Federal Aviation Administration navigational aids (NAVAIDs), including the 26 precision approach path indicator (PAPI), runway end identifier light (REIL), and distance measuring equipment (DME) systems for Runway 8L-26R. 

TYLin was also responsible for identifying and coordinating all environmental aspects of the new runway design, including contamination, permitting, dewatering, and natural systems.  

  Project Highlights: 

  • TYLin provided a fast-track design to capture State and Federal funding. 
  • TYLin’s design included the rerouting and upgrading of the underground infrastructure. 
  • Specifications were developed for soils handling, the management of endangered species such as burrowing owls, and the management of aquatic species in canals to be filled.


MIA New North Side Runway
MIA New North Side Runway
MIA New North Side Runway