Northwest Watershed Stormwater Management Plan

Northwest Watershed Stormwater Management Plan

Guayaquil, Ecuador
Northwest Watershed Stormwater Management Plan

Greeley and Hansen, A TYLin Company, developed a stormwater management plan for the important Northwest watershed to reduce flooding damage and establish smart planning for managing stormwater.

The City of Guayaquil is working diligently to re-establish “smart planning” for managing its stormwater, reducing flooding damage, reducing the number of people living in high-risk areas and increasing agricultural land beneficial usage. This project was developed to accomplish stormwater control to this important watershed of the City through a rigorous methodology to develop a roadmap.  

The key tasks included: 

  • Analysis of the current legal framework, from national to local laws and regulations, and the evaluation of existing planning policies for water, wastewater and stormwater.  
  • Comprehensive study of the watershed physical, geological, hydrological, hydraulic, and zoning and land use characteristics. 
  • Development of a state of the art hydrological and hydraulic modeling.  
  • Simulated the watershed baseline scenarios of flood plains during current and future conditions as well as potential “Floodplain Control” scenarios. The analysis of future conditions evaluated the floodplains for future development “without” and “with” a stormwater management. This allowed all the stakeholders to clearly understand the importance and benefits of each proposed plan.  
  • Development of a short-term and a long-term stormwater management plan.  

Throughout the master plan development, multiple interactive workshops were held with the stakeholders in order to integrate their opinions and review comments and community concerns. Using this interactive approach, the Team selected the “weighting factors” for each criteria in the triple bottom line methodology. It is most important that the weighting factors reflect local conditions and needs, so that the TBL methodology provides a prioritization of projects that is appropriate for local conditions. Once the projects were defined, their cost estimated, and their priority established, the annual investment program was developed. 

Project Highlights: 
  • Master plan prioritized projects for implementation utilizing triple bottom line methodology 
  • Hydrology and hydraulic model 
  • Facilitated approach to build consensus amongst stakeholders 
  • Addressed flooding and stormwater management in high-risk and disadvantaged neighborhoods