Saida Mannoubia Tunnel

Saida Mannoubia Tunnel


TYLin designed the tunnel portals and the excavation method, temporary supports, and final lining for the Saida Mannoubia railway tunnel in Tunisia.

The Réseau Ferroviaire Rapide project is a new urban rail system in Tunis’ densely populated metropolitan area. The Saida Mannoubia tunnel is one of the major structures of the new line. This substantial tunnel, boasting an excavation section of 100 square meters and a length of 274 meters, was excavated through challenging terrain, including poor-quality yellow clays and medium- to low-quality limestone. Compounding the complexity are factors such as low overburden and sensitive buildings at the surface. 

TYLin played a pivotal role in the detailed design of the tunnel portals, excavation method, temporary supports, and final lining. The project utilized the full-face Adeco-RS excavation method. Notably, the consolidation of the soil core at the tunnel face was addressed with the use of fiberglass bolts, with the design rooted in precise 3D FEM numerical computation TYLin's involvement extended to the formulation of a comprehensive monitoring plan, encompassing tunnel convergences and surface settlements.