SEPTA Real Time Vehicle Location

SEPTA Real Time Vehicle Location

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

TYLin is assisting the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in bringing Real Time Arrival information across its network.

TYLin has worked extensively with SEPTA, a regional public transportation organization serving 3.9 million people in five counties in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SEPTA offers a comprehensive transit network of buses, trains, trolleys, and subways. TYLin is the Prime Consultant for project management, system design support, testing, and construction-related services for SEPTA’s Real Time Vehicle Location (RTVL) project. The RTVL project improves the efficiency, convenience, and reliability of SEPTA’s service.  

The RTVL project focuses on developing real-time General Transit Feed Specifications (GTFS) data feeds for each of SEPTA’s three rail transit systems (Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated Line, Broad Street Line, and Norristown High-Speed Line) as well as its bus service.

Project Highlights:

  • The rail transit GTFS data feeds will support variable message sign displays and PA announcements of vehicle estimated arrival times.  
  • RTVL will produce public GTFS static and real-time feeds for rail transit vehicles and buses.
  • The project also includes upgrades to centralized traffic control (CTC) system software, CTC system servers, dispatcher workstations, and new field-based workstations.


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