Tamsui Line

Tamsui Line

Tamsui Line Taipei Metro

TYLin was appointed to provide civil engineering services for the Taipei Metro Tamsui Line in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 23.2-kilometer-long Tamsui Line is a high-capacity underground, at grade, and elevated rapid transit line, with 21 stations and the Beitou Maintenance Depot.  

TYLin was responsible for the YuanShan to Beitou elevated section of the line, including 10 stations. Scope of work included civil engineering services for the 10 stations, utilities design, environmental control, elevator and escalator planning and design, and other technical services. 

The YuanShan to Beitou line is divided for up and down rails, each 4.5 meters wide and 1.3 meters deep with spans ranging from 20-26 meters. Precast prestressed concrete box girders were used for shorter spans. Cast in-situ box girders were used for continuous longer spans when crossing physical obstacles (river and roadway). The Keelung River Bridge is the longest crossing, with spans of 45 meters-69 meters-69 meters-45 meters. 

Project Highlights:  

  • The design of the 10 stations adopts traditional Chinese architecture, with a roof design that resembles the Chinese character "人", assembled from hollow square steel sections. 
  • Beitou Station is the only station on the Tamsui Line that features a space truss design and transparent curtain wall with a modern aesthetic.  
  • Chientan Station possesses unique design elements such as including a “dragon boat”-shaped roof suspended by steel cables to two pylon columns at a height of 38 meters, over a length of 180 meters.