TMB Runway 9R-27L Extension

TMB Runway 9R-27L Extension

Miami, Florida
United States

TYLin served as the Prime Consultant to extend Runway 9L-27L at Miami Executive Airport (TMB) in Miami, Florida.

This project extended Runway 9R-27L from 5,002 feet by 150 feet to 7,350 feet by 150 feet. It also extended the 50-foot-wide asphalt pavement parallel taxiway Echo. The extension allows aircraft to increase their fuel and cargo loads and the runway to accommodate nearly 100 percent of midsize jet aircraft under wet runway conditions.  

TYLin also provided electrical engineering services to extend the main Instrument Landing System as well as the sequencing of airfield signage and runway and taxiway markings, installation of Medium Intensity Taxiway Lights (MITL) lighting, and extension of the High Intensity Runway Edge Lights at the runway ends. We provided the relocation design of all visual Navigational Aids (NAVAIDS), including the Visual Approach Slope Indicator and Precision Approach Path Indicators.

Project Highlights:

  • Our team provided detailed coordination with stakeholders for the equipment design and installation to ensure compliance with Federal Aviation Authority requirements. 
  • The Instrument Landing System was designed for the latest Category I requirements. 
  • An extensive study was performed to ensure proper coordination between the visual and instrument landing systems. 


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